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Steve Jobs: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

About us

We cultivate and care for our own land.

Our main activity is to produce and sell ecological and locally sourced products.

Ecological products
Locally sourced
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Why choose us

Reasons why people choose us:

Quality at a fair price

We adapt to our customers' needs.

We research new ecological farming techniques.

We encourage healthy eating habits

All our materials are recyclable








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All the services we offer to our customers.

Online sales

We transport the product to the customer

Fruit and vegetable boxes

Save money with our packs

Packs for businesses

We deliver to your workplace


Our promotions

Box of strawberries 4.00€ 4.50€
Bag of oranges 3.45€ 3.90€
Fruit pack M 19.60€ 21.85€
Farm lot 16.90€ 18.80€